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European Forum For Freedom in Education (EFFE)

European Forum for Freedom in Education (EFFE) was founded in Hungary in the spring of 1989. EFFE aims to promote freedom and initiative in education, to support both the rights of students and parents and the autonomous governing and development of educational institutions, and to raise conversation within society on the topic of education.

EFFE’s topical international projects include,
amongst others:

  • Supporting the schools of minority populations
  • Developing teacher training through the co-operation of universities and colleges
  • Introducing and presenting various alternative pedagogies (e.g. Montessori, Steiner, and Freinet pedagogies, Peter Petersen and Tolstoi schools, etc)
  • Deliberating and discussing current educational values.

Over a thousand research scientists, teachers, and specialists of various pedagogies from 32 European countries take part in EFFE’s activities. EFFE organises two international colloquiums a year. EFFE also has members outside Europe, and regional groups in various countries.

EFFE’s Finnish Group

The Finnish group has been active since 1991, when it organised EFFE’s first international colloquium in Helsinki.

After this, the group has met regularly, organising at least one international seminar every year, on an important and topical subject from the field of education.

The group also co-operates with other educational organisations. Representatives of the group have taken part in EFFE’s international colloquiums. The chairperson of the group, teacher Kaisa Lange, represents Finland in EFFE’s International Council, and is the organiser of EFFE’s Innovative Teacher Training Project.

Board 2010

  • Suvi Hanste (Chair)
  • Antti Paakkari
  • Tiina Herlin
  • Kaisa Lange
  • Kaisu Otsamo
  • Irmeli Kanniainen

Contact: suvi.hanste (at) Note: Replace the (at) with an @-character.


The word colloquium means a scientific discussion. Effe organises at least one weekend colloquium on a yearly basis. The speakers of the Effe colloquiums are often recognised authorities on educational sciences and alternative education.

Earlier colloquia:

  • 2010 in Witten Herdecke,Germany: For a healthy school – Sustainability and Responsibility in Education and Health Promotion
  • 2009 in Witten Herdecke, Germany: Creativity Genesis
  • 2008 in Brussels, Belgium: From early childhood curiosity to early school leaving. Compulsory education – Giving all young people a future
  • more here.
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